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Welcome to AKG Blog... THE place for all things technology, world view, gastronomy & beyond...

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An Aspiring Chef | Pragmatist | Biophile | Codesmith (@ work) |  Caffei(ne-rd)

I’ve always been a say-it-as-you-see-it kind of girl… Having this no-nonsense approach to living life. Really passionate about the culinary artform since (probably!) infancy and greatly inspired by the spellbindingly positive influence it’s had on people from all corners of the globe. Arguably a peculiar blend of typical languid attitude coupled with a fierce desire for success, I can sometimes be a dream to behold… Other times, just a nightmare to handle! (Yeah, it’s just one of those things!) But the one thing that’s always enthralled me like no other is, unquestionably, engaging with all sorts of gourmet delights and haute cuisines, from delving headfirst into in-depth experimentations with different recipes, to understanding the exquisite science behind proper nutrition and sustenance.
For me, there’s nothing more gratifying than culling one’s appetite (an avg novice foodie or an insatiably sophisticated palate notwithstanding!) with a sumptuously exotic culinary masterpiece… lifting up the spirits thereby! An art of fine, luxurious dining that I feel is, indeed, worth writing and blogging about. As they say, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Well then, I’d like to corrupt a few hearts too with some absolute flavors and succulence!
Bon Appétit
PS: I’m also a Madridista (as in Real Madrid die-hard!)

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Drop me a line for more information about me, my blog or just about anything apropos of the contents published on this site. I’d love to hear from you!

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