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A New Dawn.... With some Freshly Fried Prawns!

A bright New Year beckons just over the horizon… And as we rove forward with renewed excitement and euphoria – amid the flashing montage of the beautiful memories of the soon-to-be-bygone year… The relentlessly hectic days of office work… The exasperating farrago of lies (NB – phrase borrowed from Shashi Tharoor!) by some quarters of the National Media about the UPA… The unprecedented yet scathing, no-holds-barred reviews of the Aamir Khan starrer hindi flick “Thugs of Hindostan”… And lastly the much-media-scrutinized, ignominious departure of iconic forward Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid (Shame on you, Real, I’m still mad at ya! & Congratulazioni, Juve!!) notwithstanding… It should still be etched on the memory forever as one damn good year indeed.

And one crucial part of it has undoubtedly been FOOD. We love it. We crave it. We enjoy it. Period. So why not sign it all off with a bang? With a celebratory spread (on a budget, i.e. mind you!) led by an all-time classic in the foodies’ realm… Prawns!

So Prawns it is Sir… stir-fried on medium flame sautéed in ex-virgin Olive Oil, alongside some hot-rod Red Peppers and Green Chillies, Garlic and some sprinklings of Caramelized Onions... And topped off with some Spring Onion garnish. Complemented perfectly with a bowlful fresh Green Salad mix of Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Yogurt, Iceberg Lettuces and Onions. Throw a nice, cold Pineapple Fruit Drink in there and booyah! The perfect treat for the New Years’ Eve!! Thank you very much.

Grazie 2018… And Ciao 2019. Happy New Year!

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