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Life Tastes So Good... With Food!!

Saaho – A 400-crore Prabhas-starrer blockbuster bombs at box office... Yikes! Thomas Cook – A 178-year old british travel firm collapses… Bad news certainly!! Just when you thought life’s finally getting any good… There’s always some bad news around the corner to make you feel like a dung beetle again. My two cents?? (being a chef) I guess a slow-cooked meatilicious big fat bowl of Mutton Pulao (Pilaf? Pulav?? Palov?!?... Anyways you get the idea) might be a good place to boot! DELISH right? So there you go… Healthy Salad… Check! A Cold-Pressed Beverage (Orange Juice here)… Check! The Mighty Meaty Monster Mealy?... Double Check!! So problems… Checkmate?? Ahmm… Not really no. But we do live (and boy do we live well) to fight another day! 😉

The fine-grained pulao

The delicious meat chunks

The whole deal

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